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Use cases

Many organisations have built integrations using the XML Gateway, both on a short and long term basis. Examples include:

  • Siebel integration, Avaya.
  • Common integration platform, eBay.
  • SWIFT within Investment Banking.

Read more about these cases.

The XML Gateway is a lightweight middleware component written to provide a solution to the ever-expanding integration requirements of the BMC AR System platform.

The gateway is typically use to submit and retrieve data from the AR System (whether it is ITSM or CMDB related), but as a fully-flexible tool it is able to adapt to any integration requirement through its modern Java EE design.

The gateway is used in evaluation and production by many enterprises around the world, typically as part of a long-term integration solution or a short term mechanism of migrating from a legacy system to the AR System.

The gateway is free to use for a small volume of transactions per hour.

PDF Fact sheet and use cases PDF Integration movie

Developing solutions

An easy-to-use web interface allows rapid development of XML messaging solutions independently of a third-party system. Allowing this development to take place without a third party system vastly decreases implementation time: once the data mapping has been completed, the integration becomes little more than connecting two systems together.

The gateway can provide solutions to supporting any type of XML message, both inbound and outbound, and therefore it will adhere to any message specification a client wishes to use.

Key features

Installation: XML Gateway can be installed in a few minutes with minimum fuss (and no AR System server restart). No AR System server modification, reconfiguration or application redesign is needed; there are no plugins or additional workflow.

Compatibility: Unlike solutions relying on extra in-system forms and workflow, the XML Gateway is completely independent of AR System application design and integrates with all applications (not just the standard ITSM suite).

Stability: XML Gateway is a contained application written completely in Java, without the extra points of failure that plugins and supplemental processes in other languages can bring. There are no dependencies to impair the ability to upgrade your AR System instance.

Performance: The gateway is a pure Java Enterprise application and operates within industry standard Java Enterprise Environment containers (such as Weblogic). These engines power the world's financial institutions and are tried and tested. Not being constrained by workflow-and-plugin performance, it scales as far as your AR System server can scale.

Reachability: The gateway is independent of the AR System and can continue to queue requests for, and respond to third-party systems in the event of an AR System failure.

Usability: Comes with an easy-to-use web interface allowing XML integrations to be tested and developed without the need for third party interaction with the gateway. This allows rapid development and testing of various XML messages before the gateway has even connected to a third party system.

Messaging support: Built around Spring, XML Gateway integrates with a variety of Java Messaging Service implementations such as TibcoEMS and ActiveMQ.

Use it for no cost

The XML Gateway is available for no cost if you do not intend to perform more than 100 transactions per hour. If you wish to engage in high volume transactions then an unlimited transaction enterprise license is available.

If you require a support package for the free edition - perhaps to help you build an integration - then we would be pleased to offer this service.

Contact us for more information or to request an evaluation.

Advice and consultancy

Selecting an integration solution can be a challenging process. Many vendors surround their products with marketing spin, whilst having little idea how it actually works or whether it meets your needs.

We don't spin the capabilities of our product. We are happy to engage in conversation, understand your requirements and tell you if the XML Gateway can meet them. If it can not, we'll try to provide advice on what solution can meet your requirements.

More often than not, we are able to carry out small pieces of development on the XML Gateway to meet requirements. But if you need a larger piece of integration work carrying out, we can provide a competitive price on what it would cost us to complete the work for you.

Contact us for more information on our products and services.

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