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Subject ARERR 9351 - Need Help (view thread)
Sender Axton <axton.grams@...>
Date 2009-08-21 15:57:32 (browse in month)
This is generally caused by something that blocks a request to the web
server or a response from the web server.  That is the path you need to
analyze to find the cause.  Some common things that may get in the way of
the communication:
- security plugins for your web server (
- sso on your web server (alters response before it is sent back to client)
- miconfigured load balancer (redirects users request to wrong web server)
- network issues (dropped packets, routing issues, etc.)

Axton Grams

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 1:20 PM, bruce sisk <siskbruce@...> wrote:

> Hello,
> We are experiencing a problem with our mid-tier users in that they get a
> 5-10 minute screen lock whenever they try to access the Incident management
> Console by clicking the link on the Home page.  When the screen finally
> unlocks, they get the error:
> Unable to setup data connection, which is preventing the application from
> working correctly. (ARERR 9351)
> Environment:
> ARS 7.1 Patch 7
> Oracle 10 (remote server)
> Mid-tier 7.1 patch 7 (2 remote servers running Tomcat and IIS6 with a load
> balancer)
> Users are browsing with both IE 6 and 7.  We get the error in both.
> The problem is intermitent...not everyone is having the problem...those who
> have it don't have it all the time.
> Done so far:
> Have researched the issue on Remedy's KB...not much information.
> Have researched the issue on ARSList...several postings, but no solutions.
> Have opened an issue with Remedy support...we seem to just be sending them
> log files.
> Have tried to turn on client side logging for users having the issue...with
> logging turned on (setting through Preferences form), the issue completely
> goes away.
> Server side logging does not reveal any issues or errors.
> Have downloaded and installed Fiddler (a suggestion from the ARSList
> postings)...again, while logging through Fiddler, the issue completely goes
> away.
> Have downloaded and installed Firefox 3.5 the issue goes away.
> Some things we CAN'T do:
> IE is the "official" browser for this company, so Firefox is NOT an option.
> The Workflow logging window that opens with client side remedy logging is
> irritating people so that can't be considered a permanent solution.
> This is a plea for any insight or solutions from those who have had this
> issue in the past and what you did to resolve it.
> Thanks,
> Bruce Sisk
> BFS Enterprises
> ________________________________________
> PeoplePC Online
> A better way to Internet
> _______________________________________________________________________________
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