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ARS-List mirror

This is a mirror of the ARS-List, a mailing list for users of the AR System and related tools. This mirror is maintained for convenience and searchability by JSS, makers of the SSO Plugin single-sign on plugin for AR System, and the XML Gateway ITSM XML integration toolkit.

To join in the conversation, see the official sign-up interface at

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Hude Login ID Conversion
ADV: Remedy Training Event featuring Lenny Warren -- November 11-13
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CMDB Table
what does html2text do?
Remedy Upgrades and Installs
Remedy 8.1.2 on VM
AR version control (was Mercurial)
OT: AR version control (was Mercurial)
Error handler in guide
Smart IT install
BMC Atrium Core 8.1.02 Installer
Plug In Error
BMC Engage 2014
how to fetch all user names in a particular group through web service
ARUtilities 6.3
getting error when trying to use arsperl
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