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ARS-List mirror

This is a mirror of the ARS-List, a mailing list for users of the AR System and related tools. This mirror is maintained for convenience and searchability by JSS, makers of the SSO Plugin single-sign on plugin for AR System, and the XML Gateway ITSM XML integration toolkit.

To join in the conversation, see the official sign-up interface at

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BMC Account Class
Approval Process notifications
Web Service ?
Issue while running the Job in UDM
Looking for a Good Remedy Support Company
No Posts
Good Opportunity for a Remedy Administrator.
Post upgrade/instasll test plan needed
MyIT Install
Creating Asset People Relationships Using AI
Where not to use ":" in an email template
What was the most recent ARS app you built?
Remedy 7.1 on win 2003 going to win 2008 Over the Top upgrade
Remedy 7.1 download
Anyone ever see you can not change a users ARlicense type (floating to fixed) more then 3 times ins a week?
testing because these seem to keep bouncing
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